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What is a Virtual Board Room

A Virtual Board Room is a meeting place for your Board Members to review, discuss, debate, and vote on typical Board Meeting topics via the internet. It allows you post topics of discussion that you would normally have in a typical Board Meeting but it allows you to do this at each Board Members convenience. Its becoming more difficult for Board Members for any business to come together and meet in a single place. Virtual meetings are a must now that uncertain conditions persist. With a Virtual Board Room you can upload documents, budgets, etc in a secured environment that each Board member can review and post their comments and questions to the entire group. The Virtual Board room allows you to fully document members comments and votes creating a very transparent environment for your business.

You can also use a Virtual Board room for your employees as a Secure Human Resource depository for rosters, procedure manuals, employment manuals, announcements, news items, etc... Take a look at some of the things you can do with a Bulletin Board System for your Virtual Board Meetings.


How can help Board Meetings for Credit Unions

According to US Code for Federal Credit Unions, Board of Directors meetings must be held monthly in which they have the general direction and control of the affairs of the Federal credit union. In these meetings Board members should consider and review things such as membership applications, loans, determine investments and set loan and share rates, employee reviews & compensation, and maintain other internal controls, such as policies, etc. All of which requires distribtuion of documents, review of documents, ongoing commentary and dialog which requires the meeting minutes to be documented. As per the guidance from the NCUA, at least one of the monthly board meetings must be done in-person. That means that 11 of the 12 require board meetings can be done virtually, provided the CU has the means to do so.

The CUBBoard allows you to do all of this in an encrypted and secure environment. Using the CU BBoard allows you to securely upload your board meeting packets (not email them), and automatically notify your board members of their availability for review. This system allows your Board members to easily review the documents ahead of your meetings, post questions/comments, post replies, etc.. and have all comments/post documented and printed. You can even post votes for different topics or issues and keep a record of them. Unlike email which is unsecure, comments are made back and forth in chains of emails, and its very difficult to document all comments in one place.

With the CU BBoard system you can use this to securely preview all of your documents, your monthly packages, and even hold votes on the topics for these monthly meetings virtually (for 11 of the 12 required meetings), and then keep and print all comments in chronological order on all discussions.

Why use a Secure/Private Bulletin Board System?

Are you tired of long email chains when discussing various topics with your Board Members or even amongst your employees or different department managers? You have to search through 100's of emails to piece together comments from multiple people and then search through their emails to see "Reply-To-All" messages. It can become a nightmare to sift through multiple email chains to find the comments that actually apply to the topic at hand. We have the Solution for that. It's a Bulletin Board System.

With a Secured Bulletin Board System for your Business you can create a Secure and Private Discussion Group for your Board Meetings, Different Departments, Managers, Policies, etc. and give access to those groups to only those that need to participate in those discussions.

You can have secure and on-going discussions of topics for Virtual Board Meetings, Department Meetings, Policy Documents, etc. where you can post your monthly, quarterly, and/or annual documents to discuss and vote on virtually. You can post company announcements, news items, status information, etc... And it will all be documented in one location, not multiple email chains.

Instead of emailing documents back & forth, creating long email chains with copied responses, etc..., use a secure bulletin board to have those discussions. The ease of use and the chronological listing of replies and comments, makes it very easy to follow and document. All Topics can easily be printed as a PDF document for Archival purposes.

And Most Important of all this is a PRIVATE Bulletin Board System, that can be closed to public access.

Easy to Use
  • The Bulletin Board Service is so simple to use that you can be up and running in a short amount of time. Your Board Administrator can upload Important Monthly Board Packets, Documents, Policies, etc. and keep a running dialog on each one. Take a look at what you can do with a Bulletin Board System for your Board Members.
  • This is a great service for all Board of Directors, such as: Credit Unions Boards, Community Bank Boards, All Financial Services Boards, Non-Profit Boards, School Boards, HOA Boards, Utility/REMC Boards, all advisory boards.
  • Securely Upload and download, View, Comment, & Vote on Board Packets, Business Policies, & Other Important Documents
  • A private virtual conference room that's always available anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited Posts/Topics with attachments/files
  • Unlimited Polls/Voting
  • Unlimited Online Discussions
  • Archive/lock past topics
  • Customized user profiles includes avatars
  • User notifications for new, updated topics, posts, and polls
  • Responsive design, easy access via Computers, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets
Secure Access
  • The Bulletin Board access is very secure and uses a 256bit SSL Certificate with RSA/AES using TLS1.2. All access to/from the website is encrypted and secure from your PC's browser and/or mobile device. All File Uploads and Downloads are done so securely. Only Authorized users can view or post topics. No public registration is allowed (prevents unauthorized access to read or write topics).
  • Privitized: The Bulletin Board is a private and closed system. There is no public registrations. This prevents non-auhtorized users and hackers from "registering" for accounts. All users must be "invited" from within the Bulletin Board system. (NOTE: If you're looking for an open Bulletin Board system for your business, we can do that too.)
  • Direct Access Only, No public facing direct links to your Bulletin Board. The Bulletin Board does not have any direct public facing links on our website and we do not recommend putting a link on yours. We'll provide you with the URL to access the login page that you can share with your Bulletin Board members. When a members account is generated an email is sent automatically that contains the link to the login site.
Very Affordable
  • Less than half the cost of similar Bulletin Board Systems.
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Long Term contracts
  • A Low Monthly Fee, save even more by paying Annually
  • Standard Account: As low as $40/month for a shared account on Includes up to 4 Discussion Groups and up to 10 users.
  • Advanced Account: add'l $10/mo, Have your Own Domain and Forum. ie:, Customized Header, colors, etc., Unlimited Discussion Groups, Unlimited users, Manage your own users, Allows you to create separate groups for credit union employees to use for posting policies, announcments, etc.
  • Pay Annually (for 10 months) and get last 2 months free.
  • For every New Customer you send us, we'll give you a FREE Month of service. (Free Months are added onto your next billing cycle.) If you send us 10 new customers per year, your next hosting service is free.

Transition your Board Meetings to a paperless environment, save time & money, increase communications and operational efficiencies. Securely distribute, organize and share your Board Packets in a contactless virtual environment. Contact us today for a Live Demo.
What we do for you:

With the Standard Account: We'll setup your initial Discussion groups (4) & topics that you want. We'll set up your initial login accounts and assign access rights, We'll setup some demo posts to show you how to post your own topics, documents, voting polls, & use the Bulletin Board Forums. We'll include support for questions regarding the use of the Bulletin Boards, posts, etc.

With the Advanced Account: We'll do everything for the Standard Account, plus: We'll create a Private Bulletin Board system for your business using the domain name of your choice, ie: and customize it to your needs. We'll create a custom header and colors to fit the look & color scheme of your business website.


What you can do:

As an Admin you Can:

Post New Topics for discussion, Post New Polls (to take votes on issues or topics), Moderate the topics, Lock the topics and polls, Move, Merge, or Remove topics, Set the topic as Sticky (this means to lock the topic at the top of the Bulliten Board Category), Send/Receive Private Messages, manage/customize your profile (including with Avatars), Respond/Reply to Topics & Polls, and set notifications. With an Advanced Account you can manage your users and registrations too.

As a User you Can:

Respond/Reply to Topics & Polls, set notifications, Send/Receive Private Messages, manage/customize your profile(including with Avatars).

Take a look at what you can do with a Bulletin Board System for your Board Members.


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